Cleaning out my Closet – Part II

I don’t know about you, but laundry might be my least favorite thing in the world to do, especially since I’ve never had a washer & dryer in my apartment. I am lucky enough to have machines on my floor in the building, but laundry still isn’t easy. This week drama ensued, when I accidentally put my boyfriend’s J.Crew suit pants in the washer. He put them in the laundry basket, not the designated dry cleaning pile – who’s fault is this anyway?! Cross your fingers they come back from the dry cleaner the same size!

Finding a place in my apartment to store my dirty clothes wasn’t a simple task. I searched for pretty tilt out hampers, but their price tags weren’t as beautiful. I succumbed to leaving baskets on the floor of my closet (which you really shouldn’t do if you’re fortunate enough to have space elsewhere). I meticulously measured the area under which my dresses hang. This is New York, we don’t waste square inches, especially when it comes to closets!

laundry list by JaxRobyn

laundry list by JaxRobyn

Container Store Items:

4-Section Micro Mesh Wash Bag – $3.99 – I can stuff a weeks worth of bras and hanky pankys into this baby. Initially reading the reviews, I didn’t think I could hold as much, so I bought 3! I use two occasionally when I wait awhile to do laundry, still holding on to that third one, would make a great gift! My delicates never get lost and end up in the dryer, even my boyfriend knows to pull it out!!

Plastic Grid Basket – For $2.99, I picked this basket up at the Container Store without knowing what to do with it. I finally found a purpose for it – to hold all those dirty bras and hanky pankys I would eventually stuff into the wash bag. This way, I can easily rally my delicates, even if I’m just doing one load of laundry.

Large Wheeled Stacking Basket – $13.99 – Even though my building’s washer and dryer is 50 yards down the hallway, it is my least favorite task carrying an industrial load of laundry there. This handy wheeled basket not only squeezes into its designated area behind my elfa unit perfectly, it slides down the hallway with ease. I do look pretty silly hunched over, rolling this bad boy down the hall, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!!

Amazon item:

OXO Tot Flip-In Hamper, Gray/Green–  (comes in a few different colors) – $29.99. While looking for a substantial hamper to fill the remaining square footage in my closet, I searched for something a little bit taller to hold the same amount of clothes as the rolling laundry basket. After weeks of searching, I came across this guy! It is incredibly sturdy and durable. I can’t wheel it down the hall, but since it is a canvas bin, the sides are more flexible and don’t bang against my knees. The lid is the best part, although it confuses my boyfriend! My dresses hang only inches above it, and the lid prevents my precious clean dresses from rubbing against these dirty clothes. I also labeled the bin “Lights” with a sharpie in attempt to never sort laundry again.

Now I just have to find a solution to quickly and easily put the clothes away once they are washed. Do they make a machine for that?

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