Pin to Win a Smart Cookie on Threadless!

Pin to win Smart Cookie

Pin to win Smart Cookie

1. Start by clicking on this link, you will be taken to Threadless

2. Sign in by clicking “LOG IN / JOIN US” at the top right of the page

  • you can sign up with facebook, be sure to select “only me” in security settings if you don’t want threadless to publicly post on your wall, although sharing is caring!
  • Create a user name with your email
  • Request your user name and password if you forgot yours :)

3. Vote “5″ for my design because it is awesome!! $!!!

You will be directed on to the next design, but you can click back to leave a nice comment or enter to win my shirt by selecting “enter to win this design if it gets printed” and enter your email address!

>>> Leave a comment with a link to your pinterest page if you would like to enter the pin to win contest! 

If you share my design on Facebook, Twitter (@jaxrobyn), Pinterest (@jacquelinerobyn), Instagram (@jaxrobyn) and tag me, you will be entered to win a free shirt as well!

Thanks for your support!

Pin to Win Smart Cookie

Pin to Win Smart Cookie

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