A Camp Story

When I received last months copy of the Lake of the Woods and Greenwoods Camp Alumni announcing that my former counselor Davey Himmel wrote a history of my camp, I knew I had to read it! Fortunately, my mom surprised my sisters and me with copies! I read the book in two days, which was a feat as I don’t read or finnish books very often!

This book brought back some wonderful memories of the 6 summers I spent as a camper and counselor between 1999-2005. I started camp the year after Dayna Hardin bought the camp, she was still pregnant with her first son when she came to my friends house to show us a slideshow about camp. I never had thought about attending overnight camp, but I was hooked from then on! David Himmel (the author of the book) was my sailing instructor. One day I didn’t want to go sailing, probably because I didn’t want to get my hair wet, and he dared me to play a game of Rock Paper Scissors. He taught me it was an intense mind game and I have rarely lost a game since!

Regardless if you went to LWC or any other camp, it is a great read, a reminder of good times!!

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