Nanette Lepore Sample Sale Review

While this sale was not as massive and amazing as Nanette’s Archive sale a few months back, its worth a visit if you’re in need of something feminine and fresh!

Nanette Lepore spring sample sale

Nanette Lepore spring sample sale

Prices *** $20 (for t-shirts) – $275 (leather jackets) – see below for more detail
Size Range ** I only saw sizes 2-4, although it seamed other ladies found their sizes
Selection **** Lots of dresses, sweaters, bathing suits, & skirts

I snuck a picture of the price list when I was checking out – sorry for the quality!

nanette lepore sample sale

nanette lepore sample sale

I walked out with this Runway Talent Show Dress. It was a $95 dress ($450 retail), I didn’t see any others. I had been crushing on this quintessential Nanette print for almost a year now and I just had to have it! Made in NYC, couldn’t go wrong!!

RUNWAY Talent Show Dress

Nanette Lepore RUNWAY Talent Show Dress

I walked down 35th Street and passed several wholesale stores that were having $5 and $10 sample sales, I would have stopped in, but I was on a mission for Tory Burch. When I arrived at her sale, the line was stretched from 8th to 7th avenue. I decided to pass for the day, I already spent too much money!

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