Help Me Choose A Design For My “ETCHED” Window

I came home from work the other day to my boyfriend freaking out about our new neighbor. Our old neighbor had curtains, this one did not. We have one window in the middle of our long “hallway” apartment that doesn’t have a window treatment. It does have a giant air-conditioner that is taller than me, but my boyfriend was still freaking out, so we nailed an american airline’s blanket to the wall. It actually looks pretty cute, matches our decor, but doesn’t allow any light to shine thru. In an apartment that was already lacking light sufficiently, we needed to resolve the problem.

I saw some good solutions

Green House Window

Green House Window

…But I didn’t want to spend more than $20…

I saw this guy and my wheels started spinning….

I decided to create an “etched” glass look with some frosted contact paper. I bought this
paper from amazon for about $7 and some change and began engineering a design.

Now I need your help! Help me pick out a design for my window for my weekend project!

Etched window designs

Etched window designs

Thanks for your help! I’ll post back next week with my creation!

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