[DORITOS®T-Shirt Design Contest]

You know me, I can’t resist a t-shirt contest. The opportunity to create a project that will be potentially created on JackThreads and the ability to use the Doritos branding, priceless! There is a $1000 prize in gift credit to JackThreads.com – my boyfriend needed a whole new wardrobe anyway 🙂

Only problem, you can only submit one design! I got a little carried away (as always) and made about 7, but here are my top 4, help me pick which one to submit!

[DORITOS®T-Shirt Design Contest]

[DORITOS®T-Shirt Design Contest]

You should submit a design too! Be sure to read all the rules and note that you can only submit one design!

PS: The JackThreads website doesn’t include any doritos logos. I founds some good vector logs via Brands of the World

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