An Ode the the Office Weddings

I decided to create a separate post inciting my inspiration behind my “That’s What She Said” Save the Date card. This card is now available in my Etsy Store! The design started as a joke, but as I saw other couples using the joke for their save-the-dates (written on chalkboard or paper, how low tech!),  I got into the design and took it as an opportunity to display my typography skills.

save the date cards - that's what she said

save the date cards – that’s what she said

I got a little carried away, and started making save the date’s for Dwight and Angela

Dwight and Angela Get Engaged Save the Date

Dwight and Angela Get Engaged Save the Date

Since this is an engagement notice about getting engaged, I decided to compile The Office’s romantic and unusual engagement moments:

An Office Engagement  by JaxRobyn, see more

Dwight: Nostalgia is truly one of the great human weaknesses…second only to the neck.

When Jim & Pam got married on The Office a few years back, it became a huge phenomenon and suddenly everyone was playing “Forever” by Chris Brown for their walk down the aisle. (originally a YouTube sensation) Plan your own perfect Niagara Falls wedding and elopement courtesy of Pam and Jim’s romance on the office. Complete with goofy destroy the dress pics.

Pam and Jim's Picturesque Niagara Falls Wedding by JaxRobyn, see more


The last and most recent office marriage took place in the series finale when Dwight married Angela at his farm with his Amish German Traditions. I’m sure every upcoming farmhouse wedding with be complete with these bestest mensch traditions soon!

Farm House Wedding by JaxRobyn, see more Minted save the dates


Check out my other wedding themes based on other save-the-date designs! 

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