Words of Wisdom from Cookie Monster

Threadless is having a t-shirt design contest featuring Sesame Street characters we all love: Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, and Elmo! Play along and submit your own design! Let me know where your inspirations take you!

I decided to create a shirt featuring Cookie Monster, recycling a design I did previously for a friend’s birthday card. I have been building my typography skills and wanted to create something inspirational, as inspirational as Cookie Monster can get. I know the quote is wordy, but I’m having trouble deciding which is easiest to read. Please join in this poll to help me decide!  If you have any additional criticism (good or bad), please let me know in the comments section. Do we like the hipster glasses? The cookies within the cookie text? Thanks for your help!



Thanks to everyone who voted, option 1 won by a landslide 🙂

To see the completed design and vote for it on threadless, check out this post!

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