Let’s Call it a Draw!

Hey There!

I’ve been drawing more than usual, but still not as much as I should be! Taking time on Sunday afternoons while watching NFL RedZone to draft up some pretty cool things!

Of course it is in the pursuit of winning a design contest, but if an assignment canĀ a motivator, than so be it!

First up, a drawing of the air plants in my window, created into a print!
fabric - Up in the Air Plants
fabric – Up in the Air Plants

Here are my plants!



Next up, a water color painting I made in college. I painted a sculpture I created. We were instructed to only use yellow and blue to convey a white sculpture. We were also supposed to show the sculpture from another angle besides head on. I may have broken the rules on this one, but it was totally worth it!

art prints - Blue Agave
art prints – Blue Agave

If you like what you see, remember to vote!

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