Last of the Christmas Design Contests

Hey there! I’d like to share three new designs I’ve submitted to minted last week that are now in voting!

There was a customizable wrapping paper challenge. It’s pretty cool, you can upload your pictures and greetings onto these to decorate your presents! I’ve been making my own wrapping paper for years now (basically just printing a design on a tabloid size paper), but it would be pretty awesome to have an entire roll of my prints!

Chevrons & Chalkboard

Customize your gift wrap this holiday season with this modern design with traditional motifs!

gift wrap - chevron & chalkboard

gift wrap – chevron & chalkboard

Gift Wrap – Eat Drink Be Merry

Eat, Drink, & Be Merry this holiday season by sending cheer with this adorable and whimsical gift wrap!

gift wrap - eat drink be merry

gift wrap – eat drink be merry

Next up, another kids decor challenge, where I reused my Ferrari design, tweaked it up a bit and added some other awesome vintage italian cars:: a vespa, a porsche, & a fiat!

Room Decor – Need for Speed

Feel the need for speed? This racer set is for you, featuring several vintage italian race cars. Classics that will surround you well into your teens!

room decor - need for speed

room decor – need for speed

To vote, click each design to go to it’s individual rating page. Remember, to like each design before voting 5 for it!


Thanks for all your support!

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