State of the Art

The State of the Art Challenge is now open for voting on Minted until Wednesday, November 20 at 9am! Both my boyfriend and I submitted our artwork and photography! I can’t wait to see what you think!

Click on each image to vote! I hope you give us all High Fives! 🙂

I designed a very vibrant and somewhat suggestive pop art print! I should probably take my own advice, great words of wisdom!

art prints - lipstick
art prints – lipstick

While I was studying abroad in Australia, I wanted to build a sculpture for my capstone art class. Faced with the impossibility of bring it home, I played with some technology to make a 3D image.2 Images of an original sculpture combined to create a 3-D work of art when viewed with Anaglyph 3-D glasses. Even without 3-D glasses, print is colorful and geometrically beautiful. The sculpture represents a riddle, where you are to draw an impossible shape without lifting up your pencil.
art prints - 3D
art prints – 3D

I took this photograph of the note I left in the Western Wall in Jerusalem. I drew our group motto on my note which was later printed on a t-shirt.  At one of the holiest sites in the world, for many faiths, we need to bring some lovin’
art prints - Love at the Western Wall
art prints – Love at the Western Wall

Now for my boyfriend’s beautiful photographs, I bet he wins a Minted Challenge before I do!

Chilling photo taken during a cold and dark winter day at Riverside Park on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, looking out across the Hudson at an old abandoned prints - riverside freeze

art prints – riverside freeze

Photo of a complex tangle of ropes, nets, and other gear stacked against a wall at Fisherman’s Warf in San Francisco.

art prints - fisherman's wharf
art prints – fisherman’s wharf

I hope you enjoy our art prints as much as we enjoyed making them!

As always, thanks for all your love and support!

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