Every year, it feels like marketing for the holidays starts earlier and earlier. Eventually Black Friday will coincide with the 4th of July. This year, the 8 days of Hanukkah overlaps Thanksgiving, so I started my wish-list a little early!

gift guide for the girls who have everything

gift guide for the girls who have everything

I love to shop, but I’m not an easy person to shop for. Generally if I want something, I get it for myself. I rounded up a list of things I’ve had on my radar for a while that would make some great gifts!

For your glam girls, this Happy Ring by Pim + Larkin, is sure to make any girl smile! For under $25, it’s a steal!


Another great deal on some bling is this Lightning bolt necklace. At $15, it is less than a quarter of the price of a similar gem made by Marc Jacobs!

For your fashion forward girl, whom you would never attempt to buy clothes for, this Project Runway Book will be the perfect addition to her coffee table. Lucky you, its on sale for only $4!

For the bubbly drinker, the Cilio Champagne Sealer makes a great gift to cap off unfinished champagne, prosecco, or sparkling rosé, at under $10 makes a great gift!

To accompany the champagne sealer, these champagne flutes are perfect to ring in the New Year for $30!

For the nonalcoholic drinker, this bright and shiny tea-kettle would make someone’s holiday for about $25!

More inline with the food theme, this Presto PowerPop makes fresh popcorn in the microwave in seconds without the nasty trans-fats found in bags of Microwave popcorn. For about $20 the giftee can make all sorts of gourmet popcorn! My mom had one when I was growing up, and we used it almost daily!

Also for the girls who are trying to stay fit, this handy little juicer has rave reviews and comes in under $50, a great find for those looking to try the juicing trend!

On the topic of home appliances, this mini steamer will help your girl who has everything cut back on her dry cleaning bills! For $25, this appliance can travel with her to all the destination weddings she has coming up, so she can remain the most fashionable girl in the room!

Every year I receive about 15 little assorted lotions and soaps, which can be great for traveling. But I’m committed to my brand of lotion with SPF for daily use and never end up using all the soaps before they go bad. For $20 or $2 a piece, give these tan towels a try. They are perfect to divi up between your co-workers so they won’t complain that they need more vacation days to get a tan!

For more unique beauty products, try some colorful hair chalk! My stylist put some Kevin Murphy streaks in my hair for some noncommittal flair!

For the creative types in your life, Sharpies make a great gift! This colorful, special edition 80’s 24 pack makes a great gift, I gave one to a friend as a secret santa gift one year. You can also divi it up to split amongst friends!

For those friends or family willing to make the splurge, this robotic vacuum cleaner will ensure that their apartment will always be clean when you stop by to visit!

I already checked everyone off my list at the various November Sample Sales happening around New York. Let me know what you find! Have some very merry festivities!


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