2014 Calendar Design Project

Hey You!

I did it again, I submitted an entry into the Minted Calendar design contest, whoops. I said I wouldn’t, but I came across this simple poster design for the Graphic Design Festival Breda by Rob Van Hoesel and couldn’t stop.

Graphic Design Festival, Breda poster by Rob Van Hoesel

Graphic Design Festival, Breda poster by Rob Van Hoesel

My design cam along magically. There are some really adorable designs in this contest, but the guidelines asked for some masculine designs, as people would buy this for their husbands and co-workers. I think my design is one of the only ones that fulfills this requirement.

This minimal and fun calendar is sure to bring organization into your life and includes a photo of your loved ones! The customizable one photo page fits square photos, perfect for all those adorable instagram photos you keep saying you will get printed!

To vote, click the image below and start by liking my design by pressing the ❤ button up top and rate it a 5!
JaxRobyn Calendar Design

JaxRobyn Calendar Design

Thanks for all your support!!

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